Warehouse and innovation.

Innovation happens often at warehouse.

Apple, Amazon and google could be proper cases.

Then, what’s the secret of them?

It is because warehouse is the place where causes bricolage.

What is Bricolage?

Bricolage is how to solve the problem in a creative

way with the resources we have.

Here are two cores of bricolage below.

1. Viewing the problem in a new point of view.

2. Making a creative idea as a solution with our resources.

Ino-on &  bricolage. 

Ino-on is the warehouse where bricolage is happened.

We view the problem with IoT technology and here are 2 evidences of our insist below.



for parking problem in a city.


 New point of view

Is building new parking lot the only way 

for parking problem in a city?

Creative idea

Let’s share vacant parking lot with the drivers 

in a real time by IoT technology. 



for detecting vibration and reacting fast to danger.


New point of view

Is there better way for detecting vibration and reacting it?

Creative idea

Let’s monitoring vibration in real time.

And notify to administrator immediately

via smartphone app when vibration happens.

Ino-on,  The IoT Warehouse. 

Our mission is making the better world

by our IoT technology. That's why

we Ino-on pursue The IoT Warehouse

where bricolage generates creative idea

that can cause innovation.

Until we accomplish our mission,

our bricolage for innovation would keep going on.

We are The IoT Warehouse. 

 Key members 

who lead The IoT Warehouse

Tae Rim Park


CEO / Co-founder

Ph.D in Seoul Nat'l Univ.


Samsung Electronics

Research Prof at City Univ. of NY

Hardware Professional

Jae Young Choi



Ph.D in Seoul Nat'l Univ.

LG Electronics

Network Professional

Joonkyo Kim


CTO / Co-founder

Ph.D Candidate in Inha Univ.

Software Professional

 Solid growth 

of The IoT Warehouse

Sharing Corporation

Designated by Seoul City

Selected as KB Starters

Valley's 2nd Company

TIPS Program

by Korean Government

SBC Startup Academy​

 Business partner 

of The IoT Warehouse

SK Telecom


KAIST Venture Investment Holdings


Patent & Law Firm

 Key members 

IoT Warehouse를 이끌어 가는 사람들

박 태 림

CEO / Co-founder

공학박사 (서울대)


뉴욕 시립대 연구교수

하드웨어 전문가

최 재 영


공학박사 (서울대)


네트워크 전문가

김 준 교

CTO / Co-founder

공학박사 수료 (인하대)

소프트웨어 전문가

개인정보책임자: 김준교

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TEL: +82 2 336 2050

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